Pandemics: Implications for Research and Practice in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Pandemics have historically shaped the world of work in various ways. With COVID-19presenting as a global pandemic, there is much speculation about the impact that this crisis will have for the future of work and for people working in organizations.

COVID-19 and Careers: On the Futility of Generational Explanations

It is common to broadly group people of different ages into “generations” and to speak of distinctions between such groups in terms of “generational differences.” The problem with this practice, is that there exists no credible scientific evidence that a) generations exist, b) that people can be reliably classified into generational groups, and c) that there are demonstrable differences between such groups.

“The COVID-19 Generation”: A Cautionary Note

With COVID-19 presenting as a global pandemic, we have noticed an emerging rhetoric concerning “the COVID- 19 Generation,” both anecdotally and across various media outlets.